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Welcome to BKI Industries, Inc.
Manufacturers of Quality Acid Neutralization Kits. 
BKI Industries is a manufacturer of acidic condensate neutralizer kits. These kits are required by state and local plumbing codes and are used to reduce acid levels found in the condensation by-product produced in high efficiency gas fired appliances. BKI Industries condensate neutralizer kits are easy to install and easy to service. 

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Quality Condensate Neutralizer Kits for condensing gas fired appliances.
Condensate Neutralizers are required by National, State, and Local Codes...

6.1.1: Neutralizers shall be provided where required to prevent liquid waste containing "Acid or Alkaline" waste or other harmful substances from entering a building drainage system or private sewer or treatment plant or process.  

6.1.6a: Neutralizing or dilution tanks shall be provided where necessary to prevent "Acidic or Alkaline" waste from entering the building drainage and sewer system.

Section 314.1: Fuel-burning appliances. Liquid combustion byproducts of condensing appliances shall be collected and disposed to an approved plumbing fixture or disposal area in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions. 

Section 803.2:   Neutralizing Devise Required for Corrosive Wastes.
Corrosive liquids, spent acids or other harmful chemicals that destroy or injure a drain, sewer, soil or waste pipe, or corrosive noxious or toxic fumes or interfere with sewage treatment processes shall not be discarded into the plumbing system without being thoroughly diluted, neutralized or treated by passing through an approved dilution or neutralizing device.    

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