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The BKI-2000 has the capacity to neutralize the condensate produced by 2,000,000 BTU gas fired appliances. The BKI-2000 and BKI-3000 have same end 3/4" FIP threaded connections
The BKI-750 has the capacity to neutralize the acidic condensate producted by 750,000 BTU gas fired appliances. The BKI-250 and BKI-750 have opposite end 3/4" FIP threaded connections
BKI Industries, Inc.
High efficency condensing gas fired appliances create damaging corrosive acidic condensate byproducts. When disposing of this acidic waste into drainage systems, damaging errosion to iron and concrete piping occurs. BKI Acid Neutralizer Kits are effective in reducing acid levels prior to disposal. 

Acid Neutralizers are required by national, state, and local codes. 
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